BrianWilson McFarland

About Brian Wilson McFarland

Brian Wilson McFarland is a police officer for the McFarland, CA Police Department. In addition to becoming a member of the NCGTF, he was selected to join the department’s Special Enforcement and K-9 team for entry and sniper. Brian Wilson McFarland previously served as the department's firearms instructor. As well as, worked on multi-agency task forces with the FBI, DEA, and ATF. Corporal Brian Wilson McFarland began his law enforcement career working as a police officer for the Green River Police Department in Green River, WY. Over the past 15 years, Brian Wilson McFarland has built a reputation of being a dedicated and reliable team player.

Corporal Brian Wilson McFarland is described by his colleagues and superiors as thorough, conscientious, and committed to personal growth and development. In his free time, Brian Wilson McFarland enjoys practicing, competing, and spectating competitive shooting. Corporal. Brian Wilson McFarland suffers from hearing loss. This is a major obstacle in Corporal Brian Wilson’s line of work.

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